03 May 2011

Electronic France

France is home to many world renowned electronic music artists such as Justice, Yelle, Digitalism, Télépopmusic and the legendary Daft Punk

Another day of bouncing around iTunes recommendations led me to Chateau Flight of Versatile Records.  The duo comprised of Gilbert Cohen aka Gilb’R and I:Cube have been producing music together since the mid-90's.

"Their Chateau Flight journey according to I:Cube follows 'no system, [has] no formula, [and is] always a bit different…' Not the worst take if you want yourself and your listeners kept on your toes. Continuously playing versatile DJ sets from Brooklyn to Bombay and back again, you can catch [them] playing heavy techno and house sets as often as free-spirited dance music affairs...According to music journalist wisdom, Gilb’r is simply what they call a DJ’s DJ."

Dj sets by chateauflight