05 March 2011

Giorgio Moroder

Yesterday, after a long day at work and then rehearsal, I was ready for a chill night celebrating my friend's birthday.  We went over to her uncles apartment downtown near the Williamsburg Bridge.  His apartment is one of those at street level with it's own private entrance, which leads into a large open living room filled with a few large paintings on one wall and directly opposite stood two large bookshelves full of records and various stereo equipment. He's the kind of guy that really appreciates a wide range of music and knows a lot about electronic music in particular.  He played several albums while we were over ranging from Madonna, to Kraftwerk to Giorgio Moroder whom I hadn't heard of before.  Morodor of course is famously known for his synthesizer work in the 70's and 80's and on songs such as "Flashdance...What A Feeling," "On the Radio" and "Call Me" by Blondie.  He is award studded with 3 Oscars, 4 Golden Globes and 3 Grammies.  Below is E=MC2 composed with 25 computerized synthesizers, 4 computerized keyboards, 3 micro-computers, plus electronic percussion, drums and vocals.

E=MC2 (Giorgio Moroder Remix) by Mr. 101

Here's a mix with Donna Summer
Giorgio Moroder vs Donna Summer - Chasing The Love Redroche Bootleg by redroche

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