21 March 2011

Young Brit to Storm the Electronic Music World?

Skimming through the electronic music section of iTunes, a frequent occurance for me, I noticed an unfamiliar name in the No.1 album spot - James Blake...?  After previewing his album I immediately fell for his electronic, R&B infused rhythms that effortlessly seem to sit at the crossroads of old school rhythm and blues and contemporary electronic rock.  Definitely a distinct sound and refreshing to see at the top over played out artists like LMFAO.  Blake's smooth music makes you melt into a tranquility.  He has been outrageously successful in his native UK and it will be interesting to see where his career in the US takes him; will he start a new crave for calm, soothing rhythms among American electronic music fans?  Here is a video of his single "The Wilhelm Scream"

Below is "Klavierwerke," from his EP released September 30, 2010

James Blake - Klavierwerke (128) by factmag

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  1. James Blake is indeed awesome!!! Check out this by his father James Litherland too, might interest you:
    From new UK electronic label Dental Records (www.dental-records.co.uk)